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Хабаровск, end of the Amur highway — 4 Comments

  1. G’day Mike.
    We see that you are closing in on the goal and the achievement of a fabulous ride. Well done!
    We are in Calgary preparing for the next stage down into the US and should be leaving here around the 17th or 18th or Sept.
    Love your site and the information, perhaps we will use it as an information source one day to do the same ride. What do you think it would be like on recumbent trikes?
    Anyway, well done and stay safe.
    Andrew & Joanne

  2. Nice to hear from you, and a good excuse to catch up with the latest from your web site. It looks like some wonderful cycling and good photos as well of the trip.

    As far as doing this ride on recumbent trikes goes, the more populated European roads might be more difficult as there are few shoulders. However, on average most drivers are courteous. Cycling across the gravel, I’ve found that some of this gravel is more difficult than what I encountered on the Dalton Highway or other US & Canadian roads. Somehow maintenance in US/Canada involves putting down some oil, whereas here it is more a mixture of crushed stones and then sand. This leaves a curious mixture of too hard (lots of hard bumps) with a topping of too soft (graded soft gravel). So while I haven’t ridden it, if I were to recommend a Russian road to try on trikes, I would investigate the “road of bones” from Magadan and then around south to Vladivostok, more than I would our route.