17 minute slideshow of trip (64mb)  This slideshow is a Microsoft Windows executable with a little over 200 slides. It is large, 64mb, so best for those with a broadband connection.

Useful general information
Russian Cycle Touring Club
Way to Russia
Trial Sport
Amur Trassa
Discovery Travel Club, helpful Vladivostok travel club, Novobisirsk bicycle shop, Vladivostok bicycle shop
Go Magazine description of Amur Trassa
Lonely Planet
Russian English bicycle dictionary
Web page translations
English Russia site articles about Russian Roads
HAWAII EXPRESS, bicycle shop
Wereldfietser, Dutch cycle touring association
Velopiter, St Petersburg cycling club
Velopenza, Penza cycling club
Poland Cycling
Trans-siberian web encyclopedia
Travel Library

Long distance Russian cycle tourists and travelogues
Vladimer & Ludmilla, Penza to Vladivostok (Russian)
Edward Genochio, UK to China and back (English)
Bicycles to Australia, UK to Australia (English)
Marcos Geurts, crossing continents (Dutch)
Isa et Terry, UK to New Zealand (English, French)
Herman Veldhuizen, Helsinki to Kazan (English)
Herman Veldhuizen, Perm to Ukhta (English)
Fietsnomaden (Dutch)
Wade’s Vision Quest (English)
David Montgomery, Russia Bike Ride (English)
Jukka Karvonen, Finland to Chita (English)
Christop Sauser, Switzerland to Hong Kong and back (English)
Thomas Becker and Jorg Dahlke, Liepzig to Baikal (German)
Heather and John Burge, Peking to Paris (English)

Fellow cyclist blogs of current trips that Mike watches
Andrew and Joanne’s 3 oceans on 3 wheels in North America
Herman Veldhuizen cycles from Norway to Tibet
Shanna Armstrong trains for ultra endurance competitions

Mike’s related web sites, touring site, home page, Jean and Bert’s page

Other related links
Ride this bike (folding bikes and more)
3x Fast triathlon shop in Loveland, Colorado
Dick and Irene, travelers


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