Mike’s equipment list for the trip.  The list was put together before the trip.  Following in “[ ]” are comments made about some items after the trip was complete:

  • Trek 520 bicycle; with front and rear racks, fenders, 48-spoke rear wheel [replaced: front and rear rims, front hub, two tires, four brake pads, two chains, two cassettes; broke front rack twice and rear rack once; left behind fenders] 
  • front panniers and rear panniers (Ortlieb bikepacker) [panniers show some wear but worked great]
  • three water bottles, extra water bags, water purification tablets [MSR water purifier barely used, water bag very useful]
  • bicycle helmet [lost the visor]
  • bicycling gloves [one pair well worn, one not worn]
  • bicycle pump with pressure gauge [Topeak pump worked very well]
  • lock [left heavy chain behind, kept just light chain]
  • bicycle repair kit including: 2 spare tires, 3-4 spare tubes, tire irons, patch kits, spoke wrench, spokes, cassette remover, allen wrenches, crescent wrench, philips screwdriver, normal screwdriver, pedal wrench, moist towlettes, pliers, presta to schraeder adapter, extra cables, duct tape, nylon ties, lubricant, extra pedals?, chain, cables, brake pads [all useful, should add extra screws and a hypercracker]
  • $, wallet, credit cards, passport, drivers license, travel info [kept electronic copies on a USB drive]
  • maps and guidebook [bought along the way]
  • three long sleeve shirts [used two]
  • two short sleeve shirts
  • two pair tights
  • rain pants [barely used, even when raining]
  • three pair cycling shorts [insects mean tights work better than shorts]
  • four pair underwear
  • four pair socks
  • fleece pullover
  • thermal underwear? [left thermal top, barely used thermal bottom]
  • windbreaker
  • rain parka
  • woolite [leaked, bought Tide after that]
  • shoes
  • mittens
  • wool hat [lost and replaced]
  • tent
  • nylon rope
  • sleeping bag
  • sleeping pad [Thermarest is great!]
  • pen and paper
  • notebook PC [survived the ride]
  • scanned photos, passport, insurance, plane tickets, visas, travel check receipts
  • digital camera [Canon camera shutter jammed]
  • power converter
  • GSM cell phone [MTS service in Russia plus “twitter.com” service allows simple message updates]
  • GPS? [sent home and then Bert brought it back]
  • toilet kit including: soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, comb, chapstick, sunscreen, insect repellent, towel, toilet paper, safety pins, baby wipes, bandaids, aleve, pepto bismol tablets
  • clothes pins
  • sewing kit [make sure to add safety pins]
  • ziplock bags
  • garbage bags
  • stove & fuel & pots & knife/fork/spoon/plate/cup/bowl & cleanup supplies [gas stove worked well]


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  1. That’s quite a comprehensive list of gear you take a lot of things rather like me.I would have taken an old fashioned film camera myself but everything looks okay.

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