map of Eurasia
Following is the high level plan:

  • March: Early training in the US. Cycle ~1000 miles including Texas Hell Week. Fly to Amsterdam on March 24th.
  • April: Bicycle through Netherlands, Northern Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia to St. Petersburg. Stop at end of the month in St Petersburg for a three weeks of additional Russian language refresher.
  • May: Cycle through European Russia to Samara along the Volga River. Pass to the north of Moscow.
  • June and July: Cycle through the main roads to Lake Baikal.
  • August and September: Cycle along the new Amur Trassa still under construction to end at Vladivostok. This should be the toughest part of the trip.
  • October to December: Precise plans to be determined, but some additional cycling in far east, southeast Asia or Oceania. One idea I am investigating: fly to Urumqi, China and to meet with Silk Route Expedition and cycle to Beijing before ending the trip by bicycling from Bangkok to Singapore.

Bringing camping gear but also staying in inexpensive hotels at times. Not certain yet if will bring cook gear of use a variety of “no cook” solutions.


The Plan — 2 Comments

    • I used a tourist visa, but rules were different in 2007. At the time it was possible to get a visa for up to one year and I entered in April and had a visa stamp through December. I believe after that it became limited to no more than 90 days.

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