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Владивосток, epilogue to the trip — 6 Comments

  1. Congratulations on finishing this amazing ride – you should be very pleased with yourself! I have really enjoyed reading about it.

  2. Congratulations Mike! Thanks again for your blog, it was really entertaining to read and very informative for your fellow travellers!

    Regarding the language barrier, did you find your 3 weeks Russian course in St Petersburg to be really useful? Do you think a 2 months course would have been more beneficial or did you have enough by the end of the 3 weeks?

    I’m asking this because I’m planning a similar trip across Russia in 2008 and, like you did, I’ve had some Russian classes at home (about 60h) and am thinking about stopping in St Petersburg for one or two months to improve my very basic Russian.

    I wish you many happy future travels!

  3. Have fun in China and take more pictures!

    Is Mickey planning on publishing her own journal and will she be flying home or taking the train? Like most others, I will miss reading about your progress and that seems like one way to keep it going.

  4. I am looking forward to China. Some quick replies to a few questions above:

    Language training. I had about 100 class hours of training in Fort Collins before I left and 60 class hours in St Petersburg. I definitely found those class hours in St Petersburg to be very useful. I also found it nice to have a “soft landing” in a Russian city and just be able to live in one place for three weeks as well as experience things such as the Victory Day. I would rate my language ability as somewhere between “survival” and “conversational”.

    I think a trip like this can be done with less training (closer to “survival”, knowing only alphabet and phrase book items). However, I also think the more language you know, the richer the interactions you can have with Russians. Hence, mine was rich enough for some basic conversations about the road ahead, about our trip and basic interactions. At the same time, if I had better language, then I could do more complex interactions as well as better know what people thought about things. So I think it depends some what you want out of the trip.

    Mickey flew back to Amsterdam on September 24th. She has a paper journal in Dutch and wasn’t planning to publish on the internet.

    I’ve had fun exploring Vladivostok and just relaxing. I’ve read a few books including an intriguing one about the Cold War, seen a few DVD videos and created a slide show. Some very useful people I’ve found here include Discovery Travel Club, a travel group that has helped with everything from arranging a home stay to airport transportation and X-treme sports, a bicycle shop who has done a full service on the bike as well as boxed it up.

    Otherwise, fun just to live in this port city and get a sense of the rhythm (e.g. yesterday was extra busy since Sapphire Princess cruise ship landed; today I talked with some US Navy sailors who are docked in the port – headquarters of the Russian Pacific fleet) the local places (e.g. Burger Cafe that seems to be visited by locals). Also getting ready for my flight to China.

  5. Hi Mike,
    What a ride! What an adventure! What an achievement! Congratulations. Thanks for your fascinating account of your journey. Next year, Gwen and I hope to add to the 27000 kms we have ridden in Australia. We are probably past doing what you have just done. Don’t forget, to contact us if you decide to visit Australia again.
    Best wishes,
    Rod Davis