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Today an easy ride that was a partial repeat from yesterday. However, with winds from the south instead of the north.

Bert and Jean left early today. I headed over for the 9am group start and there were fewer folks there as well, some are already on their way home. Today I did the B ride with a short-cut at the very end. We cycled together in a big group heading southbound on Texas 16. After 6 miles we turned onto smaller roads and river road. This took us briefly on US 87 and then via backroads again. Here some gentle climbs to reach the Tunnel Wildlife Management area again.  Too early for lunch, so took a quick break before cycling back by way of Luckenbach.  We went through the town loop and there were many motorcycles out and about.  Also a big sign about one motorcycle being raffled.

From Luckenbach took the side roads back to US 290.  Here I took the more direct road along 290 and then into the side roads back to the Super 8 motel.  I stopped briefly on the way in because my right toe strap had  worn through, so replaced the strap and then finished the day.  Tomorrow, I’ll ride loaded again, so took an easier day today.

Overall, I’ve enjoyed the Hell Week cycling.  It is a bit different of an event with a “base camp” that lets you unpack everything into one motel room and get situated for the week.  Once again, Nick did a great job with cue sheets.  There are a surprising variety of small roads here and this allows for a sequence of A, B and C rides each day.  People often also do slight variations of the rides.  There are a good set of strong riders here and if your goal was training for next triathlon or cycling racing season, then Hell Week would be a good place to get in quite a few miles.  For my touring training, it also worked well.

49 miles today.


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