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Nice cycling weather today. Overcast, cool and with tailwinds. I think this is likely also the nicest part of the highway (except for stretch of 220 coming up tomorrow) with one lane of traffic, good shoulders and not yet having the different oil field trucks. Left Lampasas a little before sunrise, enjoy getting out on the road right at start of the day. The first few miles were busy through town with an occasional light, but then US 183 split off and at five miles, just past the airport it changed to a single lane.

Today had a number of gentle rises over a hill and then down the other side. I stopped briefly in Adamsville at place above left, named “The Store”. The proprietor remembered me from the trip down. He said, “hope to see you again” – to which I replied, “no offense intended but if I am by here again, something has likely gone very wrong”. Some more gentle climbs and descents to come into Evant at 31 miles. I stopped in the grocery store here.

After Evant it was a straightforward ride to Hamilton at mile 47. I passed the motel I had stayed before and stopped briefly in town for lunch. I had a good tailwind, though not quite as strong as the day before. From here a nice straightforward ride into Hico. I was curious if I would find internet but as photo bottom left shows, they also had a banner for “free wireless internet”. I can’t get cell phone service here but can get the internet. It was early enough that I could have continued, but decided to stop in and visit this town for a change. Overall, a nice easy ride today. It threatened to rain once or twice but kept dry. I’m expected slightly more showers over the next two days cycling into Dallas.

68 miles today.

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