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Where are the bicycles? This area has quite a few major expressways – typically six lane divided highways with curb and gutter. There is a lot of high speed traffic on these throughways, but I only saw two bicyclists riding today. Perhaps on smaller roads.

I did stop in at the largest bike shop I’ve seen: Richardson Bikemart. It is essentially a super-market sized bicycle shop with claims to be the worlds largest bike shop. Several of the bike mechanics at Texas Hell Week had been associated with the store and so I made an appointment to have my bike checked over. Along the way, I also had the chain and brake pads replaced. These are replaced ahead of time, but rather do these preventively in advance. I also stopped at the laundromat, and several local shops (Barnes & Noble, REI, Frys Electronics,…) and otherwise had a restful day. I also picked up my extra stuff I had left behind. Tomorrow the task will be to sort through everything and perhaps mail a few more things back to Colorado.

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