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Санкт-Петербург, May 1st holiday — 2 Comments

  1. Growing up in Chicago I was always fascinated that something so local was largely a non-event ( Did you see anything that marked the parade as a commemoration rather than a generic excuse to march? It seems that without floats, it would be hard to do.

  2. I certainly didn’t see any references to the Haymarket Riots. About the only reflection on the past (I read in newspaper) were a number of the banners referring to previous Soviet May Day slogans.

    In contrast, the upcoming May 9th holiday is all about commemoration. May 9th marks the end of the second world war, 62 years ago. This is still a huge event here (~25 million died, almost as many in Leningrad as US + British combined), and hence many more commemorative references in the upcoming holiday with banners, signs, etc already starting to appear.