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Екатеринбург, Mickey is found — 5 Comments

  1. I am glad you reconnected up with your traveling companion…that must have been a little unnerving to get separated. However, you just apparently forged on and somehow it worked out. You have taken some very good pictures and chroncled very well. (Hope the Russian communication is going well, and that,dang, you can remember first, WHICH prepositions to use in what circumstances, b) which cases for the accompanying nouns….(YEOW, genitive plural), and which adjectives in between…well, at least your adverbs are not declined, as long as you can at least remember the stem!)

    Dang, YouTube took away the Nelson Eddy link I had on Volga Boatmen as a comment when you entered Russia…it was some kind of violation of terms.

    Ok, may favorable weather greet you and do not forget the DEET. Easy does it.

  2. Mike;
    I am sitting here with your brother and Daryl Jimison and Bert decided to show us your travel log. I think your nuts-think Bert might be also. What about a beach in Hawaii or the Virgin Islands? What do you do for room service?How about cocktails? I guess it must be a “different strokes for different folks” kind of thing. At any rate best of luck and while I wouldn’t do it I have great respect for someone that would.
    Jay Barr

  3. Hey, mev, just read about your adventure in today’s Coloradoan. Sounds like a blast! Best wishes, and I look forward to following your progress.


  4. Mike: I am just tuning in to your trip. What a terrific webconnection! You may recall that you and I are on the CoFC Bike Committee together. David A. sez a draft of his new bike plan is ready for viewing as of today.

    As for me, I have just completed my 10-day bike tour with Experience Plus! to Croatia. The Dalmation coast was temperate and mostly quiet for us, a great experience for my first bike tour. Thank you for your efforts to chronicle your adventure for us.

    Regards, John C.

  5. Thanks for comments above. Many of the Russian conversations we have are similar, so I’m not picking up too much new language. I do try to look up words occasionally as I hear them or see them on signs.

    Room service, cocktails, beach? Yes, a different type of vacation, though something that keeps some of the mosquitoes at bay might be nice.