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Narva, riding in the rain — 2 Comments

  1. Mike,
    Aarne Mae of the Rakvere paper was so kind to send me an English translation of the article. I present it here for the benefit of those who can not read Estonian:

    (Virumaa Teataja, April 18, 2007)

    Mike Vermeulen (43) arrived yesterday in Rakvere. He is on his way from Amsterdam to Vladivostok. The from origin Dutch biker started in Amsterdam on March 26 and his goal is to finish at the end of September after 13500 kilometers.
    Mike said that until now he had quite a smooth and troublefree trip. He had some problems at the border of Russia near Kalingrad. With the help of a local microbus driver he was able to get by bike over the Russian border. The Russian border guards
    didn’t believe that one person would have such a crazy plan to travel!
    Mike first visited the historical castle in Rakvere. After staying overnight he continued his journey to Narva. He said: ‘I will go to St. Petersburg and plan to study Russian for a good continuation of my travel in Russia”. Answering to the question of Virumaa Teataja “Are you afraid of Russia” Mike said “Should I?”.
    Mike has experience from several bike trips. He has traveled in Hungary and Ukraine last year and five years ago made a trip all around Australia (8 months and 19000 kilometers)
    Why do it? Mike says: “This is my way to relax. By bicycle I will see people and things in another way”. He is manager at a computer company. “My job enables me to have a long vacation for this trip”, says Mike.
    Mike pedals 100 km’s a day and will lose 20 kg’s of weight per 10000 km’s.

    story by: Aarne Mae

  2. G’day Mike.
    managed to grab a few minutes on a friends computer here in Panama City and took a quick look at your travels. Perhaps after our North American trip we will follow in your pedals and try that part of the world – who knows.
    Keep up the good work and travel safe.
    Best wishes,
    Andrew & Joanne