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Казань, easy access to the big city — 7 Comments

  1. Mike,
    Keep up the great work…home page shows you are 30% done, so to me, it looks like you are tracking pretty relentlessly. Ugh…some of those days have sounded like maybe an all terrain vehicle would be better than a bicycle…I hope that your bikes are holding together and that you have a nice respite in your current location.

    Going from the sublime to the ridiculous in relative terms, somewhere along the way, either my local browser env changed or you made an adjustment because I can now see your map section just fine using IE7, rather than needing to use Firefox, et al.

    Best wishes and well, easy does it…don’t overextend.

  2. Dave,
    Mike has had problems in the past to put markers on the map, so lately I have done it for him based on the daily stories. Therefore they are not 100% accurate, yet they still help in following the roads taken.
    I do not think my additions of coordinate data later-on has any bearing on the IE7 behavior. Glad it works for you at present.

  3. Hi Mike,

    Just a note to let you know that I’m keeping tabs on your progress. Peggy’s very jealous – she’d like to do a ride like yours. Me, I’m a little less enthusiastic but admire your commitment.

    I hear there’s been some big changes around USEL.


  4. John (V.),
    Fair enough!!!! Surrogate route trackers are fine by me! Thx.

    Yeah, there is probably no relationship…either problem with IE7 “self-corrected”, or maybe something altered in my env or multiple people’s env to suddenly make it work…sometimes these MS Update applications can alter something, hopefully to the positive, but we never know.

    Thx, bye..Dave S

  5. Hmmmmm….no post for many days…hope all is well…hope you are not in some Russian equivalen of the Bermuda Triangle.

  6. Regarding the map display, I found that the maps started working when I set my browser window to be a bit wider, and still will vanish if I make it a bit thinner. Funny how often it is the simple stuff.

  7. Thanks for the encouragement. It does sound like some big changes at work, hope all goes well for folks there. I’ll see how things have changed when I am back in December. As you’ve noticed, I’ve ridden another 1000km past Kazan and am now in Asia and ready to start riding across Siberia. Those markers are pretty close the to the real route, I’ll do some fine tuning when I am back in the USA. The larger cities become further apart from here, so may be some time between posts.