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Могоча, rest day — 2 Comments

  1. Dear Mike,

    Interesting, nice pictures, so Bert is gone back again.

    Could you describe encounters with people,like the raiway workers you had tea with, with some more detail? Pictures with architecture also interest me more than with roads or trees.

    But anyway, keep on trickin’

    Uncle Gerard

  2. I will try to describe more of the encounters than “here is a tree, here is a cafe”. Bert also took a photo of the railway workers that we uploaded.

    These workers lived in the next town. Their job was to inspect and potentially repair the rails on the trans-Siberian tracks. This was a section of tracks with wooden railroad ties and bolted together rails. As ties were replaced, they would be replaced with concrete. The workers had stopped for lunch, fixed a fire and had a series of dishes spread out. Bert was riding up front and they yelled over to him. Typically we are asked (1) where are you from (2) where are you going (3) how long (4) how do you get home (5) why? So, likely these questions first. They were stopped and invited us for tea. A large pail of tea was settled over the fire. They were both friendly and curious about our travels.