One loop too many

Today a ride back to Dauna’s in Harper. Skies were overcast with forecast of thundershowers later in the day. Today had three choices again. The C ride went to Harper and back (65 miles). From Harper there were two optional … Continue reading →

Rainy day weather

A rainy and sometimes hilly ride today. Once again we had choices between A (108 miles), B (72 miles) and C (41 miles) and I picked B. Last night my brother Bert and sister-in-law Jean arrived and joined as well. … Continue reading →

Hell Week begins

Today the first day of cycling Hell Week. Hell Week started 16 years ago and is known being able to ride 100 miles per day for eight days in a row. Over time, shorter rides have been added as well. … Continue reading →

Made it to Fredericksburg

Reached Fredericksburg today. The roads were fairly busy all of today, with two lanes all the way. Light headwinds throughout the day. Despite being in hill country, it wasn’t really much hillier than before, but my guess is the US … Continue reading →

Is this hill country yet?

Today a slower ride through some beautiful country. Despite the title above, I don’t think I am in Hill Country yet. There were some gradual grades up and down as I crossed through the country. However, I expect it to … Continue reading →