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  1. NATO bridge sign
    NATO bridge sign
    NATO bridge sign

    NATO military bridge classification signs
    Posted near bridges and viaducts and indicates the safe load-carrying capacity of the bridge for military vehicles

    Taken from Brian’s Guide to Getting Around Germany
    German Traffic Signs & Signals

    The pictures not posted indicate upper and lower limts for trucks via up/down arrows(not pictured) and tanks (not pictured) Unfortunately, I do not know how to post the pictures. Perhaps I will try sending it via email. The least I could do on a lazy Sunday afternoon, compared to yours.
    Safe travels.

  2. the signs you saw mean:
    upper sign
    two vans in opposite direction with up to 50 tons can pass the bridge; one van with 150 tons can pass
    lower sign
    same for tanks

    keep on biking

  3. Thank you both Joe and Adrienne. I now remember the signs appears close to overpasses or other bridges.

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