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Neuruppin, against the wind — 3 Comments

  1. I am going to try and follow along in Google Earth. Any tips you can give as to the location of some of your photos would be a big help. I went looking for the car on a pole but no luck yet…

    Keep the posts coming! The tank weight limit sign sure lets you know that you aren’t in Kansas anymore 🙂

  2. No promises on how accurate I am placing my coordinates for nightly stays. I try to get in the right town at almost highest zoom. However, I believe resolutions go down after crossing from Poland.

    Just about the time you had a problem with map2 link, I was updating to latest WordPress bugfix release.

    The car on the pole was just east of A24 autobahn towards Neuruppin. On Google map link, see the farm house with two silos on north side of the road. Just south of those silos is the car, you can see its shadow.